Why Alphabet Mafia?


How the hell did Alphabet Mafia SoCal start?

The term 'Alphabet Mafia,' coined on TikTok, aims to create a society-friendly way for members of the LGBTQIA+ community to identify their sexuality through coded ranks, akin to the military. The ranks are purely meant to identify oneself and are by no means an identification of superiority or hierarchy. Anyway, that term stuck. Perfect fucking description without being overly rainbows and peace signs. We decided to run with it and create an apparel company that would glorify the "Alphabet Mafia" name and culture but with a more underground feel.

A portion of all proceeds will go to help LGBTQ+ youth through the
It Gets Better Project - @itgetsbetter, and the rescue efforts of
SD Kitten Rescue - @SDKittenRescue. We're here to sell some awesome shit while raising money and awareness about the Alphabet Mafia family.

Join us as we show ourselves, our love, and our rights to those who
still live in fear and ignorance.

Have ideas, thoughts or just want to vent? This is a safe space,
so anytime you wanna reach out, send us a line...


Love you Fam!


Shannon Lynard | Owner/Creative Director | Don


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